Welcome to Soul Design - I'm so glad you found your way here! I fully believe that everything in our life happens for a reason and the fact that you're here means everything! 


I'm Lauren, Spiritual Connection Advisor and Certified Human Design Mentor. I believe that each and every one of us has a unique design - A unique way that our souls want to show up in this world and it's dying to come out. When we can step into our true selves, life becomes easier, miracles appear and more joy is found. I help women step into their confidence, worth, happiness and their souls authentic selves through Spiritual Growth & Transformation to release the fears and patterns that have kept you stagnant in life, tuning into your Human Design and aligning with your highest self, and developing a deep connection to God's Divine Guidance and Support


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My Secret Sauce to Living an Aligned Life



Some call it "Woo-Woo", Some call it Spirituality, I call it connection to God. Whatever you call it, it's about understanding that there is a power much greater than ourselves guiding us to our highest self and potential at ALL times. In order to connect with that, we must shed the fears, patterns, limiting beliefs and self-doubt that has kept us playing small for far too long. Release what no longer serves you and reclaim your power. 



Understanding and embodying your Human Design. You were made to show up in this world in a very unique way. Your Human Design sheds massive light into who you are, what motivates you, and what your purpose truly is here - allowing you to stand fully in your confidence, your worth and your true authentic self. It's time to align with your souls unique design and begin living life in flow.



Not only do we all have a unique design, we also have a unique inner guidance system. This guidance system helps tell us when we are in or out of alignment with what our souls truly desire - and the best part? It is ALWAYS with us. I help tune you into your inner guidance system, Intuition and the ever present support so that you can navigate life with confidence and ease. 

So, the question is...

Are you ready to take back your power and find what truly drives you at a soul level?
Are you ready to release yourself from the fears, doubts, and patterns that have kept you hidden for far too long?

Are you ready to stop living, speaking, and acting the way you think you should and begin living a life authentic to you?
Are you ready to stand confidently in your voice and feel your worth?

Work with me


It's time to shed who you think you should be and fully step into who you are.

It's time to shed who you think you should be and fully step into your confidence, worth and who you were made to be.

Human Design

What My Students are Saying...

Breakthrough Session

Ready to make a switch and take back control over your life? Lets chat!

With these breakthrough sessions, we shine light on the areas that you feel most blocked and determine steps that can be taken today to begin shifting your life in the right direction. If you're ready to reclaim your life and power and fully step into connection and authenticity this is the starting point.

Sessions Available Now!

Human Design

We all have a unique energetic blueprint, a unique way that our souls want to show up. Human Design gives us massive insight into how we are meant to show up in the world with the least amount of resistance and highest amount confidence in order to stand strong in who you are, the way you process the world and what you to offer. 

Human Design is that blueprint. 

It's time to discover the real you!

Human Designs Readings available:

“Lauren has helped me strengthen my faith and fully stand in who I am at a soul level. The way she breaks down your human design chart makes it real, understandable, and livable. She helps give you the insight into yourself that you knew was there but didn't know how to harness. I am able to view myself and my life in a truly authentic way now."

- Judi M

Working with Lauren has been an eye opener. She has helped me understand what really drives me and clear away the things that don't serve that purpose. She makes delving deeper into myself a fun, exciting experience. Working with her is comfortable with no judgements. I suggest to anyone feeling unsure of everything around them - reach out to Lauren and see how clear things become.

- Erin R


We Don't Decide Our Destiny,

We Discover it.

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