Hey Love! Lauren Here!

In a nutshell, I'm a god loving, essential oil rubbing, wife, mother and spiritual transformation coach.


I want to start by saying I didn't always believe in abundance, manifestation or being able to create the life of your dreams. I truly believed I didn't even have an intuition. I actually lived in a lot of personal negativity and lack mindset. I had heard of the secret decades ago and was never able to utilize it, I had heard that people could "manifest" their lives but thought it was made up, I saw people living fun filled lives with freedom and joy but didn't think it was ever possible. I am here to tell you - All of it is real, all of it is possible and it absolutely can be the way you live your life! 


What's the secret sauce?

Spiritual/Soulful Awakening, connection to God and an understanding of your unique energetic blueprint. 

That trifecta makes you a MAGNET for the life you want and a life full of confidence, abundance, joy and divine support and flow. 


For as long as I can remember I struggled with anxiety, low self worth, negative self talk and an endless need to please others. I was extremely self conscious and always tried to hide in the background of life. I never felt strong in who I was- or better yet, I flat out didn't know who I really was.


When I left my corporate job and became a stay at home mom the walls of my world started closing in. Couple that with post partum depression and anxiety after my oldest daughter was born and I was the definition of hot mess. I had always struggled with being overly anxious and thinking worst case scenerio about everything but this combination bumped it up 10 fold. I was ready to make every excuse in the book (and easily could have as a new mom) for why I was feeling this way but the bottom line was, I had ALWAYS felt that way and I was done feeling that way. I KNEW there had to more to life than what I was feeling. That's when it hit me - No one and no thing can fix this, it's time I found my job and my peace.

That all sounds slightly dramatic right? Well, here's the pick me up. I fully believe that we have to break down before we can build up. That point in my life was my break down. The point where I couldn't continue on the way I was. Because despite having a truly amazing husband and a beautiful, sweet new baby girl something was still wrong on the inside. All the things I viewed as negative in my life came to a head and something had to be done. I had put myself on the back burner for far too long and it was time to make a switch. So began my spiritual journey. 

I dove head first into spiritual awakening - we're talking law of attraction, crystals, message cards, books, inspirational quotes, webinars, anything that I could get my hands on that was even remotely spiritual you bet your ass I was reading it! And I began to see a difference. I had woke up to the fact that I was in control of how my life ran and that I was the one that could switch from negative ideas and thoughts to much more expansive thoughts and ideas. And I began manifesting! I began calling in the things I wanted in life. And life became fun. I had an urge to go deeper though, so I did. And I began working with my guides, angels, asking for signs

We all have a powerful, confident and aligned being within us - but sometimes we forget that and don't know how to connect with it.


Thats where transformation coaching comes in.


What does Transformation Coaching bring you?

  • Release from ingrained believes that have kept us in fear or from moving forward in life.

  • The discovery of who you are at a soul level

  • Trust and confidence within yourself

  • Clarity in direction

  • Support and guidance when life feels chaotic and untamable

  • The ability to reclaim you identity and stand strong in who you are

  • A life lead by divine guidance and intuition.

What does living an spiritually aligned and inner guidance lead life bring you?

  • Expansion into a life you never thought possible

  • Clarity in direction

  • The tools to help you align when life becomes chaotic

  • Peace and support in knowing you're being guided to the highest good at all times

  • Ease/comfort in life at even the most uncertain times

  • The gift of manifesting your wants into your daily life

  • More Joy, Happiness, Fulfillment and Fun


It's time to begin living a life true to you!



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