Hey Love! Lauren Here!

A little bit about me - I'm a god-loving, wife and mother. I'm obsessed with Human Design, essential oils, crafts and leading a life fully connected to source and abundance. I want nothing more than for everyone to live their absolute best life!


Full disclosure, I didn't always lead a life of ease and fulfillment. I didn't always believe in abundance, manifestation or being able to create the life of your dreams. I actually believed at one point that I didn't even have an intuition - therefore I couldn't manifest. I lived in a lot of negativity, lack mindset and felt as if the world was always against me. For the record -  I had heard of the secret decades ago and was never able to utilize it, I had heard that people could "manifest" their lives but thought it was made up, I saw people living fun filled lives with freedom and joy but didn't think it was ever possible for myself. I was stuck and spinning in a life that felt dull, heavy and inescapable. But,  I am here to tell you - All of it is real, all of it is possible and it absolutely can be the way you live your life! 

So, what's the secret sauce?

Spiritual Transformation, Soul Alignment through Human Design, and connection to your intuition and God's divine guidance/support.

Over my years of spiritual growth and coaching, I have found that this trifecta makes you a MAGNET for the life you want and a life full of confidence, abundance, joy and divine support and flow


For as long as I can remember I struggled with anxiety, low self worth, negative self talk and an endless need to please others. I was extremely self-conscious and always tried to hide in the background of life. I never felt strong in who I was - or better yet, I flat out didn't know who I really was.


When I left my corporate job and became a stay-at-home mom the walls of my world everything came to a head. I had always struggled with being overly anxious and thinking worst-case scenario, but, this new world bumped it up 10 fold. I was ready to make every excuse in the book (and easily could have as a new mom) for why I was feeling this way but the bottom line was, I had ALWAYS felt that way and I was done feeling that way. I KNEW there had to more to life than what I was feeling. That's when it hit me - No one and no thing can fix this but me, it's time I found my joy and my peace.

That all sounds slightly dramatic right?


Well, here's the pick me up. I fully believe that we have to break down before we can build up. That point in my life was my breakdown. The point where I couldn't continue on the way I was. Because despite having a truly amazing husband and a beautiful, sweet new baby girl something was off on the inside. I couldn't connect with the joy I was "supposed" to be feeling. Something had to be done. I had put myself on the back burner for far too long and it was time to make a switch. So began my spiritual journey. 

I dove head first into spiritual awakening - we're talking law of attraction, crystals, message cards, books, inspirational quotes, webinars, anything that I could get my hands on that was even remotely spiritual you bet your ass I was reading it! And I began to see a difference. I had woke up to the fact that I was in control of how my life ran and that I was the one that could switch from negative ideas and thoughts to much more expansive thoughts and ideas. And I began manifesting! I began calling in the things I wanted in life and god began to answer. I was officially co-creating with the universe. I had an urge to go deeper though, so I did. And I began working with my guides, my design, angels, signs, and scripture which awakened a connection to life and abundance I knew I needed to bring to the masses.

We all have a powerful, confident, and aligned being within us - but sometimes we forget that and lose the connection.

So I'm here to remind you - It's time to begin living a life true to you!



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