3 Keys to Living Life Authentically

Updated: Jun 6

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Please pinch me! My blog is up an live and I think I peed a little!

Welcome to the Soul Design Blog. I am so excited to be bringing this blog to life and even more excited to share the experience with you!

Since this is my first blog post, I want to start off by giving you a little background on how Soul Design came to life and then we will hop right into the 3 keys to living life authentically and opening yourself up to abundance and manifesting the life you want.

So why Soul Design?

In 2018 my business partner (and best friend of 21+ years) and I started our coaching business Aligned Grind. We helped women find their purpose, passion, and core values and build soul level businesses from that space. It was truly a rewarding experience walking hand and hand with those women as they released fears, unblocked patterns and fully stepped into their confidence and power.

Human Design

But over the years, as we grew our coaching program and the Aligned Grind Podcast, I myself

continued to grow. And what I realized was that even though I loved helping them harness their purpose and build businesses, my heart didn't lie in the title of business coach - my heart was in the spiritual transformation and faith awakening portion of our business. My soul is lit up when I can help guide others to find their authentic souls calling and begin living a life full of confidence, connection and faith. So after many conversations with God, a few fairly uncomfortable conversation with my best friend and business partner, lots of prayers and 1,001 requests for signs from my guides (sorry guides lol) I released the title of business coach and made the leap into teaching spiritual transformation advisory which I now call Soul Design Co.

We all have a unique design, a unique way that our souls want to show up in this world. And when we tap into that design, begin living it at an energetic level and find our connection to God that is when we see the true blessings of abundance, self-confidence, happiness and flow in life. Hear more about the full story of Soul Design and my journey to this point in Episode 1 of the Soul Design Podcast - Click here to check it out!

So enough with the story telling!

Here are the 3 keys to living life authentically by your Souls Design.

The 3 Keys to Living Your Souls Authentic Design

1. Spiritual Growth and Transformation

Spiritual awakening gives us clarity into what truly inspires and lights us up as well as releases and clears the blocks that have held us back from stepping into our own confidences, joy and aligned life. Through spiritual awakening we learn to rely on the power much greater than ourselves and release fears and judgement. Spiritual awakening gives us the introspection into what drives our souls and truly inspires us.

2. Human Design

Like I said earlier in this post, we all have a unique design energetically. Human design combines methodologies of Astrology, the Chinese I Ching, Tree of life and the hindu-brahmin Chakras and Contemporary Quantum Mechanics which gives us insight into who were are energetically and how were can show up in the world the most authentically and with the least amount of resistance. What I love most about Human Design is that it allows us to step confidently into aspects of our selves that we may have (or are currently) doubting and understand that they are a vital part of who we are and how we were created. It allows you to stand strong in knowing that you were made whole and there is a way to harness those unique individual gifts so they can be shared and projected back into the world in the most aligned way. Human Design is a chance to be truly seen and accepted for how you are. It allows us to release resistance and allow for ease and flow in life. Check out my Human Design Introduction for more information specifically on Human Design.

3. Connection to God's Diving Support and Your Internal Guidance System

In order to fully connect to abundance and begin manifesting and co-creating with the Universe you MUST connect with the love and guidance that comes from God. Now some may call it it Source or Universe but I stand firmly in the fact that my connection and higher power is God. The connection to higher power and and the divine guidance and support that comes from living a life in faith is 100% how you manifest, create flow in life and truly begin living in abundance. Your connection to God gives purpose, understanding, love and ease to life. You are fully supported and being guided to your highest good at all times through your connection. Harnessing the power of that relationship is indescribable in terms of living a fulfilled life. When we radiate love from this connection, there's nothing in life we can't face.

This trifecta of Spiritual Awakening, Human Design and Connection to Higher Power is the secret sauce to bringing your dream life to reality and living a life in flow.

Ok so that was a lot, right?

Don't fret - I've got your back!

It can feel like A LOT when you step into spiritual transformation. I remember thinking "Where do I even start?" That's why I've created two introduction options:

  1. If you're looking to begin unlocking your Human Design, you can snag one of my Human Design Basics Reading and begin your journey to understanding yourself.

  2. Don't even know where to begin? Schedule a Breakthrough Session and see where we can bring clarity and direction your way.

I want nothing more than for you to stand strong and confident within yourself and live a life true to your Souls Unique Design.

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