3 Reasons Human Design Will Shift Your Life

Updated: Jun 6

Full transparency here - I was never someone who was super into Astrology, Horoscopes, Planetary alignment or all the other "woo-woo" type stuff everyone swore by. Something always fell flat or simply didn't resonated with me. I couldn't build my trust in it. Then I came across Human Design, and holy Hannah - MIND BLOWN.

At first all I learned about Human Design was my Type and Strategy- like most people do. And it gave a little insight and enough info that I was eager to learn more, welp learn ALL actually (thanks to the 1 in my profile LOL). Anyhoo - As I peeled back the layers of my human design system it became extremely obvious that this was not just some "woo-woo" look to the stars type of energy, this was truly direct insight into how I've always worked but appreciate or know how to harness correctly. Every bit and piece made sense, and if I didn't make sense immediately, the further I got into my chart the clearer each aspect became. And as I began reading others charts and seeing the same "ah-ha" moments in their eyes, I knew it was something that needed to be shared with the world.

Like you hear me say all the time - we all have a unique design. A Unique way that our souls are MEANT to show up in this world. And when we can tap into the magic of that - well life begins to flow my dear.

Here's the thing though, I've noticed a lot of Human Design information coming out very "standardized" (ie. "You're a Manifesting Generator so you're this - XYZ.") But, we are truly a collective of our entire chart. Not bits and pieces, but the WHOLE dang thing. Not every type has the same energy or the same way they view the world, so we can't continue to put them in the same box. It's when we dive into our charts as a whole that we begin to see the whole picture of who we are at an energetic level.

-- Ok, now on to what you came for --

Here are my top 3 Reasons Human Design Will Shift Your Life:

  1. A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT DRIVES YOU We all know who we are to a certain extent. What we don't know sometimes is how to use our gifts and uniqueness in a way that is empowerful and impactful. Or even how to feel empowered by our uniqueness. Your Human Design will show you how you energetically align with this world with the least amount of resistance. It give you the insight into what your souls purpose is here, what motivates you, how you interact best with other, and even down to how you digest food best and which living enviornments you'd thrive in. There is so much depth of ourselves that can be learned from your Human Design and so much passion to be put back into life from our understanding.

  2. CONFIDENCE TO STAND STRONG IN WHO YOU ARE If you're like the majority of society, you may feel like the things that make you different are our weaknesses. But have you ever thought that they may be your biggest strength? Human Design shines light on every aspect of our personality and reaffirms the strengths from our differences. This allows you to stand confidently in the way YOU process the world and the way YOU approach it. Isn't it time you loved your self and allowed yourself to just be YOU?

  3. EASE AND FLOW IN LIFE Now more than ever we are looking to live life with ease and flow. We want a life that truly aligns with us and allows gives us clarity and direction. When we harness the power of our design life begins to flow. We call in more money, our relationships get deeper, our happiness increases, we find purpose, and we finally fall in love with ourselves. Can't get more flowy than that right?

So that's just the tip of the iceberg on how Human Design can shift your life. I want nothing more that for everyone to understand themselves, love themselves and begin living a life truly steeped in flow and abundance. It's exactly why I've dedicated so much time in understanding all aspects of Human Design. If you're looking to crack open that door and step into who you are hop on over and grab a Human Design reading from my site and lets get you living your Souls Unique Design.

Human Design Basics Reading --

The HD Basics is the perfect introduction for those new to Human Design and wanting to begin understanding their Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile and Defined/Undefined Centers. There is so much we can learn about ourselves just from the basics. Gain incredible insight into your Energetic Blueprint with this Basics Guide.

Human Design Deep Dive --

Ready to step away from who you THINK you should be a go all in on who you ARE. Snag the HD deep dive and explore all aspect of your chart. We are truly a collective of our chart. Learn how you fully interact with the world with the least amount of resistance and the greatest amount of flow.

This Deep Dive comes with a 1 1/2 hour call directly with me.

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